Her brother Richard's thoughts on Lucy's birthday

Created by Phil on 14/11/2016
Today would have been Lucy's 37th Birthday, a few years away from the big 4-0 which she would have hated! I can feel this day coming for weeks beforehand. I start to feel down, sometimes excited and I don't know why. Usually I take today off work and have a little celebration perhaps go out on the bike. I've decided impulsively like Lucy, to live in the moment and I'll be telling work that I'll be off this afternoon, I'll get on my warmest lycra and have a blast around the local roads on the bike. I'll get cold, no doubt wet, I'll come home have a quick shower and pop to the pub for a pint. That will be my afternoon celebration with Lucy.
There's a new tribute page here should you wish to chuck in a few quid to help families and friends like us to beat lung cancer http://lucyjane.bowen.muchloved.com/frame.aspx?df=false
I miss her but with the news that little sister Ruth and Ashley are engaged feel she'd be so proud. She lived for fun, she lived for other people, for good times, for tears, for beers, bikes and Prosecco. Light a candle, have a beer, have smile. The light that burnt twice as bright for half as long was lit today 37 years ago.