Ode to Pwll Du by Lucy Bowen

Created by Phil on 05/11/2016
Pwll Du

"Cycling along Pwll Ddu Lane, hair washed, oily and smelling of coconuts.
Fly through the dusty air, the whirr of distant mowers fighting the summer's growth, and over growth.
Ripping out on to the breezy headland, standing on your pedals, bouncing for the view.
And down the rocky track, picking a line, moving faster, edging towards Windy Corner.
Cast your eye over the most beautiful bay at 3.30pm mid afternoon, tide almost full in, just an hour off.
See the depth of colour of greens and blues and yellow and turquoise so unbelievable you shriek, you feel you might cry.
Three or four glinting cruisers and sail boats hang motionless on the clear cut-glass still of blue sparkle waters.
Cormorants, seagulls, fishermen, bikers, bathers speckled here and there respectfully admiring the exact same slice of perfection of God's bathing spots.
Glorious, sumptuous green cliff plunging into the cove, giggling with pebbles and peppered with sand.
Only a glance tells you all this, you can smell it, the musk of the waves pounding slowly now as Pwll Ddu eases towards the most calm intense blue as the heat from the afternoon rises and the tide begins to rest for an hour.
The most perfect moment you could wish to feel.
No more fish-like can you feel when you dive into the cooling ocean.
Hop over the rocks, carry bike, dump bike.
Glare out to the other side of Pwll Ddu, right on the needles and you'd see Ring Rock.
Its perfect square is poking its head out of the water and waves are gently beginning to roll over the top, where a cast iron ring has been embedded to moor passing boats.
To swim across this bay is as close to praying, really praying, I have ever been.
And praising.
I praise the world every time I allow myself to dip into those waters, because I am truly blessed to."