Lucy- Jane Bowen, the inside story.

Created by Phil on 05/11/2016
I am sure that when you begin to think about Lucy and what she meant to you it will be difficult to stop a smile creeping across your face,
Please don’t stop it.
Lucy or Lucy-Jane as she preferred to be known in theatrical circles was born on the 14th November 1979 in the Mill Road Maternity Hospital, Cambridge. I can clearly remember it. The delivery went very smoothly for me. They wrapped Lucy in a hospital sheet and placed Lucy in what I can only describe as a plastic aquarium at the bottom of the bed. I can remember her two huge dark brown eyes looking up us as if to say I am going to test your parenting skills to the full – and boy she certainly did!
Lucy over time became
A Loyal and Loving daughter to Cherry and myself
A Gifted and very Generous sister to Richard and Ruth
An Eccentric but Exciting auntie to Tomos and Nye
A Charismatic and Challenging step-daughter to Caroline and Peter
And a Funny but Feisty stepsister to all.
Lucy lived her life to the full .She packed into her 32 years more than most people pack into a lifetime.
She worked very hard and played even harder. She lived life not in the fast lane but the very fast lane .
Lucy was a perfectionist and disliked any type of failure.
She was courageous, brave and fearless, a rather dangerous combination, particularly when snowboarding. On one family ski holiday Lucy went into the snow park which has a series of jumps for skilled snowboarders. This made no difference to her, after 2 days she thought she was a skilled snowboarder! She approached the last jump at breakneck speed, shot up into the air at 20 feet and landed flat on her back. She was air lifted off to hospital, spent a couple of nights there, but all she could remember was that the doctor was gorgeous!
She was a keen mountain biker and loved the freedom that it gave her, but often returned battered and bruised.
She was extremely honest and forthright, a quality that often got her into trouble at school.
Lucy had a wicked sense of humour that kept her family and friends entertained for hours. She maintained this right up until her last day .We would go into hospital to cheer her up, she would have us in fits of laugher with stories about other patients and mimicking the staff. We all felt a lot better after visiting Lucy.
Above all these qualities was her tremendous loyalty to family and friends. She would stand by you at all costs and you certainly wanted her on your side rather than against you.
Lucy was blessed with many talents .She was very artistic in the broadest sense. She could paint, draw, she made cuddly toys and cards. Her writing was brilliant and incisive. She displayed her flair for art and interior design at an early age. One morning we awoke to find her as a toddler spreading moisturising cream all over the landing carpet. Yes they were lovely patterns but we never ever got them out of the carpet.
She had a flair for fashion usually creating quite a unique look. Lucy really liked to stand out in a crowd, this was often helped by the fact that she would were ginormously high heels
This unique look started when she was two because all Lucy needed to be dressed was a hat and a pair of wellies and she was ready to face the world. On one occasion we were off to our street party for Charles and Di’s wedding, Lucy was off down our drive in just a tiara, net curtain veil and a pair of wellies. It took us about half an hour and a large bribe to put the rest of her princess outfit on
Lucy’s goal was to use all of these skills to become a well respected actress. Her dream was to star in a long running situation comedy and to have a bijou flat in London and a cottage on her beloved Gower. Here she planned to paint, ride her mountain bike and swim. She never stopped working towards this dream, often working up to 72 hours a week to fund it.
She was a talented actress starting as a leading lady in the primary school panto, going through comprehensive starring in a range of Shakespearean plays. At this time she was selected to perform with the West Glamorgan Youth Theatre Group, not only starring in their plays but also designing all their posters.
On to university at Bretton Hall and after 4 years gained a 2:1 in Acting before finally entering into the real world of acting. Lucy performed in commercials, soap operas, children’s television and finally an episode of Frost. She loved the experience of acting with David Jason and professionally this was the best time of her life .Sadly he decided that this was to be his last episode .However, we are left with a precious reminder of Lucy in action, something many families don’t have.

Lucy saved her best performances for the last 3 months of her life .Her bravery and courage were an example to all the family. She rarely complained or let the illness get her down Each day she awoke feeling pretty poorly but into the bathroom and make up on ready to face the world.
Lucy loved the Gower and returned to rest amongst its wonderful scenery .The family take great comfort in knowing that she is free from pain, free from worries and totally free to enjoy all that the Gower offers. If you still want to talk to her and seek her advice, which you’ll get honestly, then you’ll need to go to Pwll Du beach as that will be her final resting place .Her spirit will live on there as an inspiration to us all.
Long live the memory of Lucy Jane Bowen,
Gone but never ever Forgotten.
Written by the family and read by Dad at her funeral.